This is Krishna Madhan, a student who benefitted from the Skill Development Program of Shanthimalai Trust. It was an honour to receive this scholarship and I am grateful for the opportunities it has provided me.
Being brought up in a small South Indian town, I was always interested in technology and wanted to pursue a career in engineering. Because of the generosity of the SSDP sponsors, the financial burden placed on me to pursue my education was lightened. I could spend more time on my studies, research and extracurricular activities, and less time worrying about finances.
This year, I graduated from National Institute of Technology Trichy with a Bachelor degree in Computer Science and Engineering. Through the campus recruitment, I got a job at JP Morgan Chase as a software development engineer. I have been working with the bank in Bangalore since July. Without a doubt, the SSDP scholarship played a key role in achieving my dreams.
I’m very grateful for the sponsorship of my undergraduate education and would like to express my appreciation for this generosity. Inspired by the SSDP, I feel the best way to thank would be by giving back to the community. I would like to sponsor for a SSDP student’s education this year. And I believe that I will be able to help many more students achieve their goals in the forthcoming years.”

Krishna Madhan

Software Developer, JPMorgan Chase