is the key to sustainable development out of poverty

Therefore, we offer integrated education
from kindergarden to professional life.


From Kindergarden to 12th grade, we run an integrated English Matriculation School at our premises. We care for those who are disadvantaged in life and willing to put in their effort. Our motto is "don't leave any child behind".

Secondary high

Higher secondary classes are all equipped as smart classrooms. Teachers utilize online instructional materials to cover a wide range of subjects and modern teaching methods.

Testimonial Letter by Kartika 12 std

Karttika, 12 grade, obviously thinks that computers in the classroom help her to learn and understand better and are a booster for innovative teaching.

TTT workshop dec 22

Regular teacher training is a must at our schools. In a workshop setting learning new ways of teaching is easy and fun.


After high school, students are eager to learn a trade and equip themselves with the skills needed to compete in a job market transformed by rapid globalization. We continue to support students after school completion, if they plan to enter vocational training of one or two years at an ITI, or go to college. Decision is based on the ability and inclination of the student.


Sponsorship can change a life. Children in our district face extreme poverty and family heartbreak on a daily basis. Most parents are illiterate, and the pressures of everyday life can make it challenging for students to finish school. The School Sponsorship Program cultivates good, open communication with the families of sponsored students and works with them in many ways to help them through times of crisis such as illness or unemployment – situations that typically would end schooling for most of the children.

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Poverty can be a major barrier to dare to dream of a better life. It often limits access to education, job opportunities, and other resources. For many people living in poverty, the idea of realizing their dreams may seem unattainable. 

We are dedicated to bringing dreams within reach for the poor. These organizations often provide resources such as education, job training, and financial assistance to help individuals living in poverty overcome these barriers and pursue their dreams.

In addition to providing practical support, we also offer mentorship, guidance, and emotional support to help individuals living in poverty stay motivated and focused on achieving their goals. By providing a supportive and empowering environment, we offer the opportunity to build a better future.

But: our motto “Help for Self-Help” is not just empty words. There is a responsibility on the side of the receiver to grab this opportunity with both hands, and contribute motivation and effort to succeed.