Any time, any place

"In the Heart, there is no distinction
between oneself and the other."
(Neem Karoli Baba)


Many people still live in dire circumstances, in severe poverty on a daily basis. Far away from their loved ones, they need quick, direct and loving care.


During Covid hundreds of food packages were prepared for distribution to poor people who had no access to food supplies at the time.


Hundreds of people gratefully received the help provided in very difficult times. All staff joined in the activities, even the teachers of our schools.


Food distribution at Shanthimalai Trust. Thanks to thoughtful organisation long queues could be avoided.


Helpers from Germany and Managing Trustee, Mrs. Viji, were very "hands-on" for a long time. Here, they deliver medical goods to a hospital.


A professional oxygen machine was donated by the Red Cross Germany. The happy receivers in the SRM Clinic put it to use swiftly to save lives.


A vaccination camp was established giving hundreds of shots per week. Major issue was to convince villagers that vaccination did no harm to their health.


Rembemer lockdown? Shanthimalai offered village education during that time to keep children busy learning and minimize the Covid learning gap. Parents were happy.

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