it does not need a fortune.
"When you give to others, you are really giving to yourself."
(Sri Ramana Maharshi)

"I want to become a doctor so that poor people in the countryside can get treatment even if they don't have money." (Trisha)


Aruna is a topper from our High School with the support of Sponsorship parents from Germany. They are very proud that Aruna has taken up Artificial Intelligence (BTech) at a College in Chennai.


Kalpana is a former school sponsorship student. Education support of Shanthimalai has opened up great opportunities in her life. As a Math teacher at the Shanthimalai School she is grateful and happy to give back.


After school, students who do not go to college can get sponsored practical training for 1 - 2 years in over 100 different jobs at an Industrial Training Institute (ITI). Equipped with practical know-how it is much easier to find a job and make a living in their home town, where they can stay with their families.

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The Programme nurtures traditional
Tamil cultural values

Classes in yoga and Indian music, literature and dance integrate the students’ cultural and spiritual heritage into their academic life.

Sponsorship students are selected on the basis of family commitment, financial need, motivation, and academic aptitude. 

Accepted at one of our schools, students and their families are carefully screened for one year to ensure their success before being matched with their sponsors for full sponsorship. Screening involves home visits, meetings with parents, and observation of classroom performance.

Sponsorship funds will pay for school fees, educational supplies, school uniform, medical checkups, lunch and cultural programs and excursions.

After school, for study or practical training at an ITI, students’ further education may be supported as well.


The whole family must contribute motivation and effort to make a difference to the child’s future. Why? The receivers of support have a responsibility, too!